“The Gate”

Mike Jackman of FilmNation Entertainment called “The Gate”: “a page turner… like a classic Twilight Zone.”

“The Gate” is a three-part suspense story that takes place one ill-fated night on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Both the paperback and ebook are available on Amazon.com, but the paperback can also be ordered through most local bookstores!

“The Gate” was republished in 2019 with new cover art — a photo of the actual gate from the real-life location that plays so critical a role in the story.

David is excited to bring his wife Marianne and their young daughter Emily to his friend’s summer house on an isolated inlet on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. But the late night drive changes his excitement to anxiety, and then to fear. Or is it just paranoia? No longer alone on the road, surrounded by darkness, responsible for the safety of his family, can David risk being wrong? And what will Marianne do when her own fears suddenly come to life… putting Emily in mortal danger?

There are many real-life, autobiographical elements to this story — from the ominous location to the late night nerve-racking drive to the desire to craft a suspense story laced with ambiguity… just to challenge my daughter’s impatience and intolerance for uncertainty.