The global pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our lives. In the world of Arts & Letters, I remain concerned about the small, independent bookshops across our country that face many challenges to begin with. Some, like The Town Book Store in my hometown of Westfield, NJ, successfully pivoted with online & phone ordering and curbside pick-up; they survived and are now fully open for business.

I’m hoping that one positive from the rules of social distancing and the cancellation of in-person events will be a great return to Reading as a favored pastime.

To do my part, I’ll continue to post FREE FICTION on my website. As the author of short fiction (and very short fiction), I’m happy to share these stories in the hope that they give their readers a few minutes of distraction, if not entertainment.

Here are a few stories I hope you’ll enjoy. I’d love to hear from you. Email me at


Click on the Play button below to listen to how NPR produced an excerpt of my short story “Call From The Cabin.”
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