“Speaking In Tongues”

“Speaking In Tongues” is available from Amazon.com as a paperback or ebook, but the paperback can also be ordered through most local bookstores!.  This humorous story cycle has one suspense story hidden among ten comic tales of the denizens of a bar called Tongues Saloon. Listen in to their conversations and thoughts. What do you hear? Poignancy, prophecy… or just idiocy?

The townsfolk of Babel have a lot to talk about. So they come to Tongues to do it. From rumors about the Beatles and the Stones to tall-tales about ancestors and near-truths about neighbors, it’s just another Saturday night free-for-all. Husbands and wives snipe, friends cajole. Lovers flirt and first-dates fumble. But even as five couples gather to grieve for a lost friend, none of the Saloon’s patrons could know that death sits among them.

Cheers to my friend Bill Lavelle for the cover photo!

This collection of short stories features an engaging cast of characters who bring to life memorable dialogue that is “slyly hysterical.” The stories overlap and complement each other, but each can stand on its own. To keep both a romantic secret and a dangerous mystery at bay, read these tales sequentially. It’s a Saturday night you won’t soon forget, even though the characters will wish they could.

Curious about Tongues Saloon?  Check out my Pinterest page for some fun images, including a board revealing my Fantasy Casting for all the main characters.